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An article from the international CAD software company’s Chief of Education, released in February, is stating the great importance of the next generations correct education. He fervently states that it is not only the use of new technologies we need to teach as they become implemented more and more in educational settings, but the need for the understanding of how the technology works. Otherwise, we could leave a generation that can perfectly well use the technologies, but can’t innovate nor even fix the products.The Chief of Education at AutoDesk, the producers of AutoCAD, states that part of the problem is that unlike just a few decades ago, people are not learning what is behind the box, i.e. how it functions. We instead go to a professional or manufacturer to fix our products as they get more and more complex. Although this does mean we usually get our product back in one piece, we are not learning how technologies work, nor passing on the interest in learning how technologies work to our future generations. He simply puts it that youngsters are not as ‘curious’ as they once were, which could possibly harm the future generations ability to innovate.A future generation without innovation or the skills to fix products could be potentially disastrous. It could leave many de-skilled and unable to create and design elements, which could be important to our lives in the next 50 year’s time. Thus, it is up to the education industry to make those important decisions that produce a better education system, where people can rediscover their wonder for innovation and understand how technologies work. It is also up to us as a society to adapt education to our new needs and the new brilliant minds of this generation and the next, which are our future.The Chief of Education at AutoDesk was inspired by the TED 2011 conference, named the Rediscovery of Wonder, which was host to a number of influential and inspirational thinkers in a variety of industries, from science to the arts. It’s important that in such a time, where we are facing environmental and economic issues, that we keep our future generation’s inspired to innovate, whether that be in science or the arts. Like the Chief of Education at AutoDesk states, we must teach our children how to innovate, in order for them to succeed in the future. The future is after all in their hands…

Understanding The Importance Of Secondary Education – Education Future

Knowing the value of secondary education can help anyone that is currently thinking about investing in a great education. It has long been said that the great equalizer in any society is a great education. However, many people simply take this as a saying and nothing more. The reality is that education can provide you with a wide range of knowledge needed in order to become successful in the world today.Understanding The Importance Of Secondary EducationMany companies now require a college education for employees that are hired as entry-level additions to the organization. Without this level of education, it would prevent the person for getting the opportunity to work for a company that would provide significant potential for personal and financial growth well into the future.There are thousands of employees currently working at minimum wage positions; these people are struggling in order to make ends meet. At the end of the month, they often find it very difficult to pay all of their bills. These people tend to feel that there is very little hope for the future.However, there is a solution and that would be choosing to invest in a great education that would open up a world of possibilities that are currently closed. Since many companies require all of their employees to have an education for a reputable educational provider, it is important to choose to make this part of your life.The best reason to get started with a secondary education is because you do not want to place a ceiling on the earning potential that you will enjoy in the future. Even if you are not working a minimum wage job, there comes a time where you are limited in terms of the ability to make more money within an organization. This is essentially a glass ceiling that will prevent you from making more for your employment.A secondary education can provide you with the education that is important for removing these limits from your future. While it is difficult to understand why so many companies now require a college education, we live in a world where people are now more educated than ever. In order to make sure that you have the ability to enjoy the potential to make more money, getting started with an educational program today would allow you to begin getting rid of limits. This is important for the future of your family.